Gulbenkian / AiR 351 2018

Grant Recipient Announcement

The Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and AiR 351 are proud to announce the result of the selection for the Gulbenkian/AiR 351 Grant, 2018.

The competition was a great success. AiR 351 received 128 candidates from all over the world. The independent Selection Committee highlighted the quality of the candidates. For these reasons the review process and the announcement of the final result took longer than initially expected.

The Gulbenkian Grant / AiR 351 recipient is the artist Katarina Poliacikova (1982, Slovakia) and her residency will begin in September 2018.

All candidates will receive more information from AiR 351 over the next weeks.

AiR 351 thanks the support of FCG for making this Grant possible for 2018 and also the interest of all applicants towards AiR 351.

The Gulbenkian Foundation
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