Vittorio Santoro at Kunstmuseum Luzern


Three of the works presented in the show in Kunstmuseum Luzern were conceived and produced at AiR 351 during Vittorio Santoro´s residency in 2018. A monograph related to the exhibition will be published in late November 2020.

Exhibition curated by Fanni Fetzer

31.10.2020 to 31.01.2021

“The departure point for Vittorio Santoro´s work is the line as a script that – on paper or as neon on a wall – communicates ideas. He calls his objects, films and installations “sculptural situation” by means of which he addresses linguistic philosophical, existential or literary themes. He also makes reference to the space, be it the public space or the exhibition space, and the titles of his work offer possibilities for multifaceted interpretations.”