No One Knows, Luísa Jacinto´s book

Public event

Book launch!
No One Knows, a publication on Luísa Jacinto’s recent work.
This is the first book edited by AiR351, devoted to our first local artist in residence, Luísa Jacinto.
This publication was made possible due to an intense dialogue and exchange experience with the artist along the residency and beyond, to the vision of Ana Luisa Bouza, the collaboration with Stolen Books, the partnership with ArtWorks, the support from DGArtes and the involvement of Galeria Quadrado Azul.
Last but not the least, we express our gratitude to the authors of the texts and essays: João Pinharanda, Miguel Mesquita, Marta Mestre and Lauren Moya Ford.
Join us on May 13! Brotéria kindly welcomes this event.
Luiza Teixeira de Freitas will lead the conversation with the artist.

Book Launch