Open Studios Fall 2022

Open Studios
Public event
Daphane Park's studio
The audio work, "Eat You", by Daphane Park
AnaMaryBilbao's studio
Ian Soroka's film, Greetings From Free Forests, 98 min, 2018
Paula Malinowska's, "How did Daphne turn into a plant, Part 1: Our feet, just now so swift, hold fast in resistant roots", 12 min, 2022
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AiR 351´s Autumn Open Studios will take place on November 27 (Sunday).You are invited to visit the artists and curator in residence and learn about their practices, current research and projects.

Artists in residence: AnaMary Bilbao, Daphane Park and Ian Soroka
Curator in residence: Yomna Osman
Guest artist: Paula Malinowska

As part of this program, Michael Marder´s talk “Diagnosing the Phoenix Complex: What We Hope for When We Burn the World (and Ourselves)” will be at 3.30PM.

Free entrance

AiR 351 wishes to thank all sponsors, supporters and partners involved for making this program possible.

11am - 7pm
talk by Michael Marder
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