AnaMary Bilbao

View form the project Blast Effects at Opening Arco Madrid 2021. Photo: Roberto Ruiz.
encoder decoder (I) (2021), 20 inkjet prints on cotton paper. Photo: Roberto Ruiz.
Partial view from the show J'avale la vague qui me noie le soleil de midi at Leal Rios Foundation (2021). Photo: Bruno Lopes.
Almost blue (2020), HD video, color, sound, 5'26'' (loop), variable dimensions. Photo: Bruno Lopes.
Como interromper a eternidade? (Intervalos para a dúvida) (2019), 6 inkjet prints on cotton paper 320gr, 16mm film, sound, 2'53'' (loop), variable dimensions. View of the exhibition “EDP Foundation's New Artists Award 2019” at MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology. Photo: Bruno Lopes. Courtesy of EDP Foundation.
Detail from Como interromper a eternidade? (Intervalos para a dúvida) (2019). Photo: Bruno Lopes. Courtesy of EDP Foundation
Todas as formas sublimes são transitórias (4) (2018), inkjet print on japonese paper 70gr, 110 x 146 cm. Photo: Bruno Lopes.
Renascimento por transformação II (2018), inkjet print on japonese paper 70gr, 164 x 110 cm. Photo: Bruno Lopes.

AnaMary Bilbao’s work has been addressing time within its historical, cultural and existential implications and in an attempt to question the anthropocentric logic that imposes acceleration as a natural rhythm and the understanding of the digital as being the closest approach to the real. Through the combination of different elements, from photography, drawing, sound, and moving image, her work seeks to start fictional narratives that bring out the state of doubt over the idea of a single truth.

Bilbao was artist-in-residence in the International Studio & Curatorial Program – ISCP (New York) with a grant from Luso-American Development Foundation (2022). In 2021 she was nominated for the 1st edition of FLAD Drawing Award and in 2019 she was one of the six nominees for the 13th edition of EDP Foundation’s New Artists Award. Her work has been recently exhibited at Photo Basel (Basel), International Studio & Curatorial Program (New York), Curiosa / Paris Photo (Paris), MAAT – The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (Lisbon), Opening Arco Madrid (Madrid), Novo Negócio / Zé dos Bois Gallery (Lisbon), Leal Rios Foundation (Lisbon), PLMJ Foundation (Lisbon), Toronto Convention Centre (Toronto), MACE – Museum of Contemporary Art (Elvas), Boavista Gallery – EGEAC (Lisbon) and Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art (Lisbon), among others.

During her residency at AiR 351 Bilbao will develop “In The Dark We Saw You”, a project she started in New York during her residency at ISCP, which is based on a research about secrecy, invisibility and the related tensions that manifest some of the main fragilities of the human. In parallel, she will also develop “Writing Letters Under the Sun”, a new project that arises from her desire to explore the right to a “brief hallucination”, as Jacques Derrida called it, and the relationship with the relativity of truth.

08.2022 – 09.2023