Annabelle Moreau


Annabelle Moreau (b. 1976, Cape Town) is a French Italian artist. Her practice is concerned with the notion of space, time and perception. Large installations of monumental paintings and sculpture become the mean by which the artist explores the consumption and apprehension of space. Copper, brass, aluminium are the main support for her work. The choice of material and mundane objects and their identity within the context in which they are presented plays a major role. Whether support or artwork, their ambivalent nature investigates the ideas of importance and fragility and the reduction towards essence and absence.

Moreau completed a Postgraduate Diploma in fine art at the Royal Academy of Arts in London followed by a Postgraduate diploma in Modern Philosophy in Literature and Art at Goldsmith College. She graduated in 2004. Moreau has been awarded a Grant for Visual Arts by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in 2016. Her work has been exhibited in Time Shifts, MUNHAC, Lisbon (2018), Laboratoire Experimental, Museu Nacional de Historia Natural e das Ciências, Lisbon (2016), The Scars are Not Just Skin Deep, The Cob Gallery, London (2014), Discerning Eye, Pall Mall, London (2012), Vis Loci, Griffin Gallery, London (2012), The Observatory, Riflemaker Gallery, London (2011), Flaming July, Leighton House, London, (2010), Voodoo, Riflemaker Gallery, London amongst others.

During her residency at AiR 351 Annabelle Moreau will carry out a reflection upon language and the transformation processes of translation. The starting point will be taking words, then expressions, and sayings and seeing through the translation process the result in visual language.

10.2018 – 11.2019