Catarina Pinto Leite

Crack, 2014. China ink on paper, 70x100cm
Untitled, 2014 - mixed techniques on canvas, 165x200cm
"Sala do Veado" Exhibition, April 2015
TAU Project "Tau protein". UMBIGO Review 2019. Oil on paper
The essential, 2010. Oil on canvas, 89x116 cm

Catarina Pinto Leite is mainly dedicated to drawing, painting and installation. Her work is centered around the environment that she lives in. From what surrounds her to the energies inside that ignite a spark within her. Therefore it is crucial to look inside, explore and question herself regularly. She quotes Mira Schendel, one of the artists she highly admires, gets inspiration from, and with whom she holds a great affinity: “… we don’t need to paint what we see, neither what we feel, but what lives in us.”.

From 1991/94 she studied Drawing and History of Art at SNBA (the Portuguese Society of Fine Arts), in Lisbon and from 1995/99 Painting at ” Arte Ilimitada ” Lisbon, with Filipe Rocha da Silva. In 2011 she attended an engraving course at AGA,Lisbon. She carried out the activity of painting restorer (1991/97) at OCRE and lectured Visual Arts in a School in Lisbon (2000/2005). Since 1996 she has taken part in collective and individual exhibitions. She is represented in public and private collections.

At AiR351 Catarina will develop her new project “Diaphanous”, in Japanese paper.

03.2021 – 06.2021
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