Marco Maria Zanin

Artist & Curator

Marco Maria Zanin was born in Padua (Italy) in 1983. He lives and works between Padua and São Paulo, Brazil. Myth and archetype as the submerged matrices of modern behaviour are the focus of his investigation, which is based on observation of the relationship between man, territory and time. Alongside his work as a visual artist, Zanin has the firm belief that art has the power to develop communities and consequently in 2015 he founded Humus Interdisciplinary Residence, an interdisciplinary platform which, in an ongoing dialogue with local and international entities, organizes artistic exchanges, inviting artists to execute their own interpretations of the rural areas of Veneto through contemporary art.

He first took a degree in Literature and Philosophy, and then in International Relations, obtaining a Master’s degree in Psychology. At the same time he developed his artistic career, and travelled widely in different parts of the world, putting into practice the “displacement” so essential for a critical analysis of social contexts, and to fuel his research aimed at identifying the common spaces of the human community. He was an artist in resident at Pivô Arte e Pesquisa (2016) and FAAP, Brazil (2013), among others.

While at AiR 351 Marco Zanin intends to immerse in the fishermen community from Cascais surroundings and also research the Etnology Museum collections to create a new body of work.

04.2018 – 07.2018
Istituto Italiano di Cultura
Museu Nacional de Etnologia
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