Mark Geffriaud

Home Cinema, 2019, performance, MAK Center, Los Angeles
Une certaine douceur en prime, 2018, 57 meter long text, Gallery gb agency, Paris
Renard Pâle, 2010-2017, Print on metal, books, magnets
Shelter, since 2011, House under construction

Toast, since 2011, performances

Mark Geffriaud works and lives in Paris although he often thinks he shouldn’t. Not that he doesn’t like it there, but why live in a city? Why live in a house to start with? Isn’t there anything more exciting to do? Like climbing in a tree and writing postcards to friends surfing in Rio in the 70’s? Anyway, for about a decade, Mark has been gathering pieces of art centers and museums in which he was invited (a door in Vilnius, a window in The Hague, a step in Paris, a switch in Toronto etc.). One day maybe, he will build a shelter with all these pieces, and hopefully one day you will push the door and sit down for a coffee.

Meanwhile, Mark was invited by Maud Jacquin and Sébastien Pluot (Art By Translation program) to work within the project Affaires Étrangères/Negócios Estrangeiros, organised as part of the France-Portugal 2022 Season.

During his wonderful time at AiR351, going to the studio was his favorite activity although he didn’t always manage to get there. Wandering around allowed him to consider his agenda as a landscape painting. He is now trying to settle inside and disappear in the distance.

01.2022 – 02.2022
Direção-Geral das Artes (DGARTES)

Temporada Cruzada Portugal-França
Art By Translation

Temporada Portugal-França