Paulette Gomis

At the heart of weaving mystery | Workshop, Paris © Noura Keïta
Suburbs of Paris | Diaspora, Paris © Paulette Gomis
Jump into time | Diaspora, Paris © Paulette Gomis
A day in the life of a Guinean weaver | Guinea-Bissau © Paulette Gomis
Weaving the threads of life | Guinea-Bissau © Paulette Gomis
Ethnic mosaic of Guinea Bissau | Olhares de Guinendade exhibition, Lisbon © Paulette Gomis
The dance of the heddles | Guinea-Bissau © Paulette Gomis

Paulette Gomis is a Paris-based PhD candidate in Cultural Anthropology at the INALCO University. She is currently working on a project thesis entitled: Transmission of Manjaku culture (Guinea-Bissau): woven fabric as a communication tool. She is particularly interested in the phenomenon of migration and its impact on the transgenerational transmission of Manjaku culture in France. Her research work is part of a multidisciplinary approach.

She plans to design a communication tool that will take the shape of an art installation with the help of contemporary artists, weavers and young people. This tool, which is intended to be universal, will enable the new generation to reconnect with its history. Textiles, present in all societies, will be the main medium and will aim to re-establish the social bond between individuals. Born in France from Guinea-Bissau parents, she has always heard about “Guinendade” since childhood. That philosophy of life which ties all individuals together aims at creating one Guinean culture and has always been a source of inspiration for her project.

Last summer, while visiting the “Olhares de Guinendade” exhibition in Lisbon, she caught on what could bind individuals to a unique culture through “guinendade” and as a result she decided to integrate the concept into the heart of her work. As a newly resident at Air 351, Paulette Gomis is willing to further explore  the “guinendade” with the local community and to find out how this common culture enables the ethnic mosaic of Guinea Bissau to exist.

03.2023 – 07.2023
Direção-Geral das Artes (DGARTES)

Apoio a Projectos 2021, Artes Visuais. Criação e Edição
Córtex Frontal
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