Suzana Queiroga

Local Artist
Cloud cities, 2017
Stairway to heaven, 2021
Cloud cities, 2017
Border Non-Border, 2022
Igneous Red, video installation, 2022
The world remains indifferent to us, 2021

Suzana Queiroga is a visual artist who has been active since the 1980s and works with a wide variety of media, including videos, performances, installations, inflatables, paintings, drawings, engravings and sculptures. From 2017, she has been living and working both in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro.

PhD in History of Sciences, Techniques and Epistemology at HCTE/UFRJ, with a Ph.D Sandwich, PDSE/CAPES at the University of Lisbon, she is also a Master in Visual Languages at PPGAV/UFRJ and is graduated in Fine Arts at EBA/UFRJ. Her theoretical interests and research in art are focused on the connections and intersections between Art, Science and Philosophy, and her poetics is permeated by the themes of Time, Infinity, Physics, Mathematics and Environment.

For Queiroga, the vitality of urban fabrics is one of the greatest representations of life and the flux of time. The interconnected and interdependent systems of cities are presented as the sum and simultaneity of times and fluxes. The drawings of circulatory and fluvial systems are also understood as flux maps that attest to the determining presence of the fluids water and air for life, expressed in the thermodynamics of fluids in part perceptible in currents, thermals, tides, turbulences, clouds, undulations, rivers, examples of natural phenomena which, for Queiroga, represent the idea of a vital map in movement, an endless source of inspiration for her work.

She has held numerous solo and group exhibitions and has won 12 awards both in Brazil and Portugal, such as the Acquisition Prize at the XVIII Bienal de Cerveira, in 2015, with the video “Olhos d’água”. She has been a resident artist at ZSenne Art Lab, Brussels, Belgium, and TUP/ Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal, in 2021; at AIR 351, Portugal, in 2020 and 2018; at CAAA, Guimarães, Portugal, in 2015; IV Bienal del Fin del Mundo, Argentina, in 2014; Instituto Hilda Hilst, São Paulo, in 2013 and at Akademie der Bildenden der Künste Wien, Vienna, Austria, in 2012. She holds works in several private collections and museums.

Suzana did her first residency at AiR 351 in 2018-2019 and she is now focusing on the development of a new body of work while preparing a solo show dedicated to painting that will take place in May 2024 at Bessa Pereira Gallery, in Lisbon.

09.2023 – 09.2024
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