Gulbenkian / AiR 351 2020

Grant Recipient Announcement

AiR 351 is happy to announce the winner of the Gulbenkian/AiR 351 2020 grant, Thiago Honório. This is an opportunity made possible by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Thiago will start his residency in early October 2020.

There were 174 applications registered in response to this call and AiR 351 thanks all candidates for their interest in this opportunity.

We express our gratitude to AiR 351´s independent Selection Committee, Nathalie Anglès, Sébastien Pluot and Delfim Sardo, that reviewed the shortlisted applications. Our apologies for delivering this announcement later than expected, due to the current situation.

We continue working with our partners and making efforts to create other grant opportunities in the future.

Thiago Honório’s practice is part of an interdisciplinary matrix. It is fueled by a transit between the ordinary and the extraordinary, by the experience between the private and the public spheres, from different kinds of knowledge and exchanges, based on procedures such as displacements, cuts and assemblies.

Among the main solo and group exhibitions: The Red Studio (ISCP, NY, 2018/2019) stands out; Solo (Galeria Luisa Strina, SP, 2017); Trabalho (MASP, SP, 2016); Boate azul (in collaboration with Pedro Vieira, Pampulha Art Museum, MG, 2016); Títulos (Paço das Artes, 2015). He is the author of the books DULCINÉIA (in collaboration with the collective Dulcinéia Catadora, 1st edition 2017, 2nd edition 2018); Augusta (Ikrek, 2017) and {[()]} (Ikrek, 2016). In 2018 he received the “Director’s Circle” award from the International Studio & Curatorial Program – ISCP in New York, where he developed within an artistic residency the works The Red Studio I (2014/2018) and The Red Studio II (2014/2019); and in 2019 he was invited to participate in the artistic residency CAMPO AIR in Pueblo Garzón, Uruguay, where he realized the works Luzia (2018/2019) and Marcador (2006/2019).

Thiago Honorio is represented by Galeria Luisa Strina.

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