Defeito Desfeito by Diogo Bolota


As we enter the exhibition Diogo Bolota conceived for the Quartel da Arte Contemporânea de Abrantes, we encounter an imagery peopled by a number of familiar yet mysterious morphologies that engage in close dialogue with the space where they are found.

Defeito Desfeito [Undone Defect] is Diogo Bolota’s most encompassing and ambitious solo show so far, comprising eleven pieces from the fields of sculpture, drawing, paint- ing and installation, none of which have been show in public before. Some of them began being planned three years ago, for another context, and have remained in a sort of limbo, in suspension, until the present moment, while others were conceived already with this space in mind, in reply to an invitation made by Fernando Figueiredo Ribeiro.

01.02 – 01.08.2020
Diogo Bolota
Curated by
Luísa Especial
Abrantes City Council
Monday to Friday,
Set-up support
AiR 351
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