Daphane Park

SuperConductor, partially felted alpaca wool and silk, galvanized steel, broken instruments, video, candles, incense, feathers, tools, 6mx6m
Camouflage I, recycled Fabric collage on canvas, 56x106 cm
Camouflage II, recycled Fabric collage on canvas, 108x140cm
Multiverse, handcut and layered cardboard, paint, 2mx2m
Camouflage Planets, oil on cardboard ply, 1mx1m

Interlaced, recycled fabrics, wax, metal spoons, thread, 4mx3m x2,5m(approx, variable)

Daphane Park’s work investigates the convergence of energy medicine, science, cognitive anthropology, and the mythical realms of humanity. Since the late 80’s this has led her to study traditional energy medicine from across the globe, specifically in Mexico and the Amazon.

Park’s intentions are to create an energy field by blending and layering a diverse array of media that invite a heightened awareness of the emotional and energetic body. This manifests in the creation of immersive installations that invite the audience to become part of the piece itself.
She has received numerous grants and awards, including a Fulbright. Her work has been shown internationally at the Moscow Biennale, MONA Tasmania, New Museum, NYC and New Orleans Biennale, among many others.

At AiR 351 she plans to explore ritual and inspiration in the divine feminine, researching women healers and the concept of the ‘wise woman’ as it relates to her practice.

09.2022 – 12.2022