Johan Buskov Romme


Johan Buskov Romme is a Danish-born (1984) music composer, designer and visual artist. 2017 he receives the MFA – Materialisation in Art and Design, from the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. Prior to his MFA he followed the class Design for The Living World at HFBK-Hamburgm (Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste). The Program was tutored by pioneering architect and activist Marjetica Potrc.

Johan utilizes social programming, sculpture and interactive performance to create aware experiences of shared environments. Notably, in a performance Shadow in “The De-skilling curation” exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam; in the performance ”Sound” at the Rolston Recital Hall in Banff(Canada); in “Zupa Sounds” project at the Urban Incubator Belgrade; as well as the installation of his sculpture Impossible Beauty for the show “Does this count as Protein” at Looiersgracht in Amsterdam.

At AIR315 Johan Buskov Romme will develop a series of visual works based on research in structural and optical phenomena. He explores a subject’s position in space and environment, which engenders experiences composed of material and immaterial stimuli. Ultimately his aim is to create an experience of sensitive space, that invites people to interact and take part in the creation of a shared ambience.

05.2018 – 07.2018
Danish Arts Foundation
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