Joshua Schwebel

Oeil de Poisson
Journey, postcards, publication, 2021
To enact this project, the artist travelled to all locations across France and Quebec that share the Oeil de Poisson gallery’s street address at 541 rue Saint-Vallier. Schwebel visited each potential location for the gallery from a symbolic-specific perspective.
Oeil de Poisson.
Journey, postcards, publication, 2021
541 rue Saint-Vallier, Talmay, France.
Oeil de Poisson
postcards sent from each location with the same address, 2021
2021 | performance-intervention for La Biennale de Momon
La Biennale de Momon was originally supposed to involve commissioned site-specific performances in Maumont, France. These plans changed due to the pandemic, with the result that the project needed to be realized remotely and exhibited online. Part of the research material included videos of the organizer walking on foot around the periphery of Maumont. Schwebel superimposed short videos of himself into these contextual videos, thereby placing his body in the inaccessible context by way of the documentary record of the place.
Traffic Traffic
2017 | reproduction and displacement of publicity, billboard, rural location, Quebec
Reproducing a photograph of an already existing billboard advertisement for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal, Schwebel displaced this publicity, by transplanting it to a field in the middle of the countryside, many hours’ drive from any city. Arguably supplementing the publicity material for the museum’s exhibition, its placement questioned who contemporary art publicity addresses, and, in so doing, questioned how ‘public’ is contemporary art.

Joshua Schwebel is a Canadian artist. His conceptual work is developed out of site-specific research, and takes shape through dialogic interactions with his art-institutional hosts, examining how the institution sees itself in relation to its context, how this image is publicized, and how it is received in the local public. Through this open-ended process, Schwebel’s work adopts a form that singularly addresses the context in which it is situated.

Selected solo exhibitions and projects include: The Tenant, at Centre Clark (forthcoming, Montreal, 2021), The Employee, at Forest City Gallery (London, 2020-21), Receipt, at KW (Berlin, 2021), Solvent, at Or Gallery (Vancouver, 2019), and, A Dream in Which I Am You, at the Fonderie Darling (Montreal, 2018). Schwebel has held residencies at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin), Rupert (Vilnius), Standards (Milan), among others, and is currently a participant in BPA // the Berlin Program for Artists.

At AiR 351 Schwebel will continue research into toponymy, which will comprise a series of site-specific works addressed to place naming. Part of a larger study of toponymy, the research in Portugal will examine the particular history of the Marrano Jews, seeking encrypted or historical place names that refer to a forgotten, denigrated, or concealed former Jewish presence. His focus will be on historical places that underwent a change of name, and how that previous name might circulate on the margins or in unofficial histories.

For the second part of his residency Josh worked within the project Affaires Étrangères/Negócios Estrangeiros, organised as part of the France-Portugal 2022 Season, a collaboration between AiR 351 and Art by Translation.

Residency dates:

04.2022 – 04.2022
Direção-Geral das Artes (DGARTES)

Art By Translation