Trajectory of bodies

Private event

A screening with works by Agnieszka Mastarlerz, Diogo Bolota, Ellie Ga, Emily Wardill, Henrique Pavão, João Enxuto & Erica Love, Katarina Poliacikova, Luísa Jacinto and Suzana Queiroga
Trajectory of Bodies is a selection of film and video works where human, natural, architectural or symbolic elements perform unexpected movements or suffer some sort of change of state.
Transformation occurs either through the action of time and/or through the contact with (other) bodies.
This group of works gathers close observations of individual, intimate relations, objects or of specific natural environments where fragility, tension and uncertainty pervade. These result from single shots, long term field research or from collections of fragments. Other possible threads are the reconfiguration of the past while creating other images and narratives; contemplating inexorable life cycles or events; exploring metaphors,
symbolic images and places.
All artists were, are or will be AiR 351 artists-in-residence.
This screening was organized for a group of current and past residents and guests.

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