Katarina Poliacikova

New York – Lisbon, 2017. Stone, porcelain. Variable dimensions.
Voice without language, 2015, video, 5:46 / installation view
Until we remember the same, 2012-2013, Artist’s book, 730 pages. Edition of 5.
The way geologist liberated in time, she thought, astronomers are freed by space, 2013.
Photographic installation, 42 photographs. Variable dimensions.
Barthes’ lover, 2010, Video, 6:28

Katarina Poliacikova (born 1982, Slovakia) is a visual artist working across media. Since the beginning of her practice, Katarina Poliacikova has taken the everyday experience as her material and observation as her working method. In her artwork, she employs photography, video and installation to tell stories about time, memory and relationships. She is interested in both the intensity and fragility of human connections. A contemplative reflection on reality underlies her creative process and she often incorporates found material, such as objects, photographs or fragments of real-life narratives.

In 2013 she completed her doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia with a project titled “Time After Photography”. In 2016, she started a blog called Eggtuition as a platform for her texts exploring different aspects of the everyday experience, supported visually by her photography. Since 2010, Katarina Poliacikova took part in many artist-in-residence programs in Europe and the U.S, including Futura Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw, Residency Unlimited in NYC and Syntax Project in Lisbon. Among others, Katarina Poliacikova has shown her work in solo shows at Jiri Svestka Gallery Prague/Berlin, Open Source Gallery in New York and Syntax Project in Lisbon.

During her residency at AiR 351 Katarina Poliacikova will be working on a new project that will reflect the local environment and its narratives. She will also continue developing her writing/photography project “Fires Venice Tequila Sunsets”, inspired by Susan Sontag’s published diaries.

09.2018 – 11.2018